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  • Is This It - The Strokes
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  • AM - Arctic Monkeys
  • Nevermind - Nirvana
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix - Phoenix
  • Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not - Arctic Monkeys
  • Modern Vampires of the City - Vampire Weekend
  • Suck It and See - Arctic Monkeys
  • Plans - Death Cab For Cutie
  • Humbug - Arctic Monkeys
  • Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend
  • Coexist - The XX
  • Favourite Worst Nightmare
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reblog as much as you want, you MUST be following (i’ll check) &the winner will be picked May 10th. I’ll ship worldwide, and i’ll message the winner and post it on my blog when they’re picked. Good luck!

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context is everything

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“"You’re not being respectful that they have different views than you." Well yes, no, I’m not respecting that they’re not being respectful. I don’t need to respect views. (…) I hope anger gets stirred up a little bit more. People say “oh, it’s all about respect and you know, multiculturalism, you gotta respect that people have different opinions.” Well, no, kids are fucking killing themselves. Kids are killing themselves because of ideas like this. Ideas that start with: “well, no I know, it’s just i… it’s my belief that gay people shouldn’t get married.” Well, little kids hearing that, you don’t think they’ve fucking killed themselves? You’ve got blood on your hands. (…) This coping mechanism to not go through the world angry, it’s this acceptance and respect of other people’s beliefs. I fucking hate that so much. If your belief is hateful towards towards people, I don’t respect it. I couldn’t… I hate it. I hate that belief. I’ve had a lot of gay friends in high school, and I saw very quickly that very seed of an idea growing into a kid, someone choking them, or someone driving by yelling ‘faggot’ to them as they’re walking down the street with their boyfriend. And I don’t think it’s time to sit down and be like: “let’s sit across the aisle, and let’s talk.” You know, maybe it’s just the young, aggressive person in me, but I don’t feel like being patient with them. I feel like being like: Kids are dying, I don’t give a shit what you think, this isn’t a matter of “put it up to a vote and see what the system does.” It’s like, no, the smart people in power need to sort of understand what’s being said here. And I don’t give a shit what a book says.” Bo Burnham  

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me in a few years.

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You have always worn
your flaws upon your sleeve

And I have always buried them
deep beneath the ground

flaws (acoustic) / bastille

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This Southwest Airlines flight attendant is kind of perfect.

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Bo Burnham sings “Yesterday” by The Beatles (2009)

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My BFF Coming out to her 89 Year old Grandmother

  • BFF: Grandmother I need to talk to you
  • Grandma: [concerned voice] What? What is it? Are you sick?
  • BFF: No, no. Grandma. I'm gay.
  • Grandma: What?
  • BFF: I'm gay Grandma. I have a girlfriend now.
  • Grandma: [relieved voice] Oh honey, is that all? I thought you had cancer. Anytime someone needs to tell me something they are sick. Who's your girlfriend, when is her birthday? I'll bake her a pie.
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